Dreams are built from goals and accomplished actions

Quantum computing today is still in development. So, we are taking advantage of it by preparing, unlearning, learning, creating, testing, failing and improving the universal quantum computing algorithms. This way we will be prepared by means of technological resources that the market will require.





Creating models able to manage more complexity, uncertainty and entropy.


Integrating our solutions with today´s technology


Reducing learning and adjustment time for the market

  career and development of new algorithm with the skill to understand a complex environment We need the option to process more variables and unstructured data.

Cybersecurity isn´t an exception of that, with quantum computing the strongest encryption today´s algorithm will be broken in seconds or less, so We need to create new encryption systems to protect all the security behind every single click.

With Artificial Intelligence

Data storage is other of the main areas

        with opportunities, compress data demands a lot processing resources, but with QC We can compress or get data almost in real time.
Finally, gain a better understanding of chemistry reactions, atoms and molecules interaction in environment is the solution to develop better materials, taking care of our planet Earth and health at same time.



SQT is our response to create a better world form the quantum computing algorithms, empowering users to get and create solutions with quantum technologies.