Quantum Research Service


Making real
the next Business Step

Understand Business

The first step is understand your business context, challenge and opportunity

State of Art

Research about the state of art to crete a solution on the goal and scope

Index the Docs

Using artificial intelligence create an indexation of all documents and references

Design a Path

Using the SQT quantum canvas create a route to embrace quantum
Is about science
applied to business

Identify and map the business challenge and opportunity to be solved with quantum computing is the first and most important task, it defines the vision and scope of the algorithm, the stages. The criteria to success and the resources needed.

In Spin Quantum Tech we developed the Quantum Business Framework to help your company in the quantum journey.


Validate the state of art about the solution on the scope. That is important to get valuable insights about the mistakes and success from another teams.

Create a repository of documents, papers and researches to be analyzed in the next phase with the artificial intelligence.


Using the artificial intelligence algorithms from out partner AnniQ we can create an indexation of the total documentation to extract valuable insights.

Most important, is the result of get a knowledge base to continue the quantum computing project.


The final step is use all the information collected in the previous steps to create a map and route to implement in the business to embrace quantum computing.

Have a clear vision and a detailed route is part of the key to have success in a quantum project.